Not a Fan of Australia Games

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As a Dodger fan who lives on the East Coast, I’m used to not being able to follow games live. This past weekend’s games in Australia were no exception, but that’s not why I am not a fan of these games. I’m not a fan because it’s completely bizarre to think that those two games counted, a full week before the season starts, while everyone else is still playing exhibition games.

So let’s get this straight, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks have already played 2 games. The Dodgers will also play the Padres this coming Sunday night, and then Monday is Opening Day.

Do you see the problem here? And it’s not just the semantics of Monday being Opening Day when one team has already played 3 games of their season schedule. It’s also the week off between games, taking a couple of games out of the season ticket packages, the various allowances for the travel, which I believe included expanded rosters and so forth. Just so we can have a couple of games in Australia and be able to say that they are seeing regular season baseball as opposed to exhibition games. Meh.

Anyway you look at it, it doesn’t feel like the regular season has started, but it has. At least the Dodgers are 2-0 though. 😉

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