Gunning for a New Low in Closing Out Hockey Games

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From the Puck Daddy article on the best and worst closers:

* Sigh … the Islanders. The Islanders are the only team in the NHL this season with a winning percentage of under .500 for games in which they’re leading after two periods: 9-6-5, for a .450 winning percentage.

If the Islanders don’t turn this around, they’re headed for infamy. No team since the 2005 lockout has finished with a record below .500 when leading after two periods. The 2005-06 St. Louis Blues were 13-8-5 (.500). Every other team has cleared it.

I can’t even be embarrassed about it any more. I’m actually rooting for them to finish below .500 in games they lead after 2 periods, just so we can make the claim to be the best team since the lockout at blowing games late!

I’m sick. Is it baseball season yet?

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