Big Stretch for Islanders

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The other night, while reveling in another Islanders victory on Twitter, I asked the all-knowing Eric Hornick about the Islanders record in their own division.

This confirmed something that had occurred to me about the Isles recent run of success. While it certainly has come against some of the better teams in the NHL, Boston, Chicago, etc. it was not coming within their own division. (This was highlighted by the two losses in the 8-2 record prior to the Florida trip coming against Carolina and the Devils.)

So the recent success is nice, but we’re looking at a stretch for the rest of January which starts with 4 straight and 7 of 9 within the Metropolitan Division. If things don’t change in regards to the division record, this will be end of the Isles slim playoff hopes. If they can turn it around, maybe, just maybe, we can start thinking about a playoff push. Either way, by the end of January, we’ll know.

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