Congrats Sparty

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As an Ohio State fan, that’s about all I can say. With all the talking and complaining we do about the BCS and the SEC bias and everything else, The Ohio State University only had to do one thing to play for the National Championship, with our conference championship game against Michigan State. We didn’t, so we can shut it now.

Now, of course I’ll still complain about the BCS overall, but I can’t complain about who’s playing in it this year, at least. It was decided on the field. Ohio State failed, once again, when they had a chance to silence the critics who like to point at OSU as an overrated team and we’ll have to spend another year of hearing about what a fraud Ohio State’s football team is. And we really just don’t get to say anything.

So congrats to Michigan State, hope you can go and beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl, and congrats to the school my wife has rooted fro since she was a little girl, Auburn. As much as I hate the idea of another SEC championship, I hope they shred Florida State.

As for Ohio State, maybe the bowl season will provide a chance to beat a quality opponent and quiet the criticism a little by getting a win. If not, expect a long off season of name calling.

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