Who’s Number 4?

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One of the things I hear often about the BCS is that, as of right now, this is the nightmare scenario, three undefeated teams from the top conferences. Only 2 can play for the National Championship. But, college football experts are quick to point out that this won’t be a problem next year, thanks to the 4 team playoff.

I’d like you to think about that for a minute. Then look at the BCS rankings. Sure, Ohio State would get into a playoff and have a chance to play for the championship that they may not get this year. (ed note: there is still a lot of football to be played…) If this is next year though, who else makes the playoffs? How much controversy would there be over that 4th spot in the playoff. Clemson, Auburn, Missouri, Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Michigan State all have 1 loss. Which one deserves the spot?

Granted, some of this will play itself out. MSU still has a trip to the Big Ten championship game against Ohio State coming up, Auburn has the Iron Bowl, and Missouri has a likely match up in the SEC championship game with the winner there. Clemson still has South Carolina coming up, and Oklahoma State and Baylor also have tough games coming up. Of course, all of this opens up the possibility that none of these teams would end up with only 1 loss, and then who’s the fourth team?

Honestly, the BCS just traded a huge controversy between numbers 2 and 3, for an equally ridiculous argument between 4 and 5. That’s not improvement, it’s the same, tired, system with an extra couple of game’s worth of sponsorship/TV money. Yay for us!

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