Wow Texans Fans, Really?

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Look I get not being happy with the way Matt Schaub has been playing, I even get wishing the team would give T.J. Yates a chance, although really, T.J. Yates?

But cheering an injury is never cool, especially when it’s an injury to your own player!

One of the cool things about this being 2013 is that social media allows professional athletes, actors, and other “famous” people a chance to connect directly with their fans. I hope that one day those connections will help us all see each other as individual human beings, with flaws and all. I thought maybe that would help fans see athletes as people first, and maybe even cut out some of the harsher criticism. Not all, after all athletes are always going to be criticized, but at least we could get rid of the true hatred, because hating someone really does require not seeing them as fully human, it requires seeing them as somehow less than human. Of course, the risk of that direct connection is that it turns into just another avenue to toss hatred and harassment toward athletes. Given the way some Houston fans reacted yesterday, I fear the hate is winning.

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