What is Going on at Grambling?

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According to a letter received by ESPN, things are bad. Mold and mildew causing the team to get staph in factions bad.

If all of this is going on, first of all, good for these kids in standing up for themselves. Secondly, I can only assume that things have gotten this bad because Grambling doesn’t have the money to pay for travel, food, cleaning, etc. the way college athletic departments should. If that is the case, it begs the question, why does Grambling even have a football program?

This situation also sheds light on the truth about college football in general. Yes there is a ton of money being made in college sports, but schools aren’t really profiting from that money. (The NCAA and bowl reps are the ones making bank) Schools generally have to use that money to pay for all the things that are not getting paid for at Grambling, including for a variety of sports that make no money at all. Far more colleges are closer to this situation, scraping by to pay for travel, equipment and facilities than are closer to Alabama or Ohio State.

Anyway you look at it, something has to change at Grambling. For history’s sake I hope that change isn’t disbanding the program, but you can’t have this.

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