Playing the Right Way, or Boring Way?

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This is getting ridiculous. Now it’s the St. Louis Cardinals standing up for, well standing up for something that I’m not sure has ever existed. They’ve taken up the mantle from the Braves on how to play the “right way”, which apparently includes only celebrating when veteran players tell you it’s ok, or something.

Look, are there some classless displays during ball games occasionally? Sure, but who cares? In all honesty, baseball is a boring game to watch. In today’s digital age, how many people do you know who can even sit through a baseball game without flipping channels and missing complete innings while doing something else? The games are too slow and too long for anyone to sit and watch on TV, so why not let players have a little fun, and make the game a bit more interesting? If Yasiel Puig flips his bat, instead of whining to the media about it, try getting angry and then getting him out? The dude is unquestionably entertaining, and man could your sport use more of that!

Personally, my favorite team is playing in the NLCS and I don’t even watch the full games. I just can’t do it, I lose interest and wind up looking at Twitter, switching over to a hockey or football game for awhile, or just watch a sitcom. Baseball just doesn’t hold my interest non-stop for more than three hours. The game needs more players who make you want to watch whether it’s because you love them or hate them. So let them play.

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