How Should I Feel About the Dodgers Season?

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Should I look at the Dodgers season as a great success despite the playoff loss? After reading that article, as much as the 9-0 loss in Game 6 was painful, I think that’s the way I’m leaning. When I think back to the way the season started, the calls for Mattingly to be fired, the bottom of the division record in even late May, I think it’s actually quite amazing that we got playoff baseball at all, let alone a win over the Braves in the first round.

I’m excited about next year, about the possibilities, about the chance that maybe we’ll get a full year of health out of Kemp, Ramirez, Grienke and Billingsly, and what changes the team will make during the offseason. I can’t say that has always been the case after some recent seasons, so for that, I count this one as a great ride!

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