This is Why You Don’t Leave During Halftime at OSU Games

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If you’ve never been to an Ohio State home game, let me give you a little advice. While you may be used to sitting through the second quarter and then getting in line to use the restroom with everyone else during the halftime break, at Ohio Stadium you may find things to work a little differently. There, the fans know not to do that. If you did that, sure you’d see the game, but you would miss one of the highlights of game day.

I wonder what Nick Saban would say about fans leaving during the second quarter to use the restroom, or hit the concession stands, so they don’t miss the band? I can only imagine. 😉

Here’s a show featuring movie theme songs, complete with a moving t-rex and a pirate ship battle from this past week’s game.

Of course there was the Michael Jackson show, complete with moonwalk the week prior.

And who can forget last year’s tribute to video games?

Also, if you want the true experience, go to skull session before the game, and do not go into the stadium too early, so that you can watch the band march over to the stadium. Or, at the very least, if you do go into the stadium, make sure to be in your seats before the band makes their entrance. Yes, the band may be just as big a deal as the football Buckeyes in Columbus.

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