Thoughts from the Weekend

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  • Ohio State won against a ranked team, will still not get credit. Wisconsin really isn’t that good and the game shouldn’t have been that close. The Buckeye offense got a little predictable after they were up 31-14, giving Wisconsin a chance to get back in it.
  • David Moyes was always going to be under a lot of pressure at Manchester United, but after an ugly transfer market and a tough schedule to start the EPL season, as long as they settled in and got on a roll, things would end up ok. Losing at home to West Brom, though, is not going to quiet the critics.
  • Apparently, losing while giving up 62 points to Arizona State was the last straw for Lane Kiffin at USC. The losses could be explained away based on the NCAA sanctions and lack of scholarships cutting into the team’s depth, but there have just been too many no shows for them to continue. (See last year’s bowl game for example)
  • There’s figuratively throwing away a game, and then there is what Matt Schaub did against the Seahawks. Houston fans, when you look back on this era and wonder how it was this much talent never got to a Super Bowl, keep the tape of this one handy.
  • The New York Football Giants. Ugh.
  • LSU and Georgia played a great game, but also showed us how cyclical College Football is. A conference known for suffocating defense is suddenly home to some serious shoot outs, all because you now have talented, experienced QBs playing against young defenses.
  • The Dodgers will face the Braves in the NLDS, or as we will be calling it around my house, the civil war. Yes, my wife is a Braves fan.
  • Truthfully, once you’re giving away free alcohol to try and get fans to watch Blaine Gabbert throw pick sixes, why not Tebow?
  • Hockey season starts this week!!!! More on that later….

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