A Little Fantasy Football Talk

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OK, if the idea of someone talking about fantasy football makes you want to scream, go ahead and skip this entry, ok? 😉

Alright, if you’re still here, let me give you some background. I am not a hardcore fantasy player. I travel a lot for work, and don’t really have local friends that I might normally join a league with and hold a draft with, etc. Mostly, I find that having a fantasy team just makes watching random games a bit more fun than they would otherwise be. Given that, I went ahead and signed up for a couple of Yahoo public leagues, the ones where they let you set your fantasy value order and then autopick the teams based on the order instead of trying to make everyone attend a live draft. Yahoo has two settings for these kinds of leagues, casual and “winner”, which is geared toward the more involved owner. I have a team in each level.

Now, the point of my post. Autopick is dangerous. I will embark on an effort to win a league in which my first three draft picks were all wide receivers. Granted this is a league where you start 3 WR and I have a pretty amazing lineup at that spot. (Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and Victor Cruz) But conventional wisdom tells us that you really win fantasy football leagues with running backs, running backs and more running backs, with maybe a quality QB and WR thrown in. Since my first RB pick wasn’t until the 4th round, I have a couple of starters there with some very high risks. (Demarco Murray, David Wilson)

If those guys stay healthy, and turn into high risk, high reward players this season, and Russell Wilson matures a bit and puts together a quality season, I may be unstoppable. If they don’t, I’m going to need some amazing point totals out of those WRs.

Interestingly, in my other league, I have the exact opposite problem, where my first two picks were RBs (Arian Foster, Matt Forte), leaving me with a good QB next (Cam Newton), and my WR position comes with a bunch of risky players (Randall Cobb, Desean Jackson and Mike Williams).

Oh well, both of these teams will accomplish what I set out to do, have some fun watching the games and rooting for players when I’m not rooting for my Cowboys.

How are you feeling about your fantasy teams this season?

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