You Think Preseason is not Important?

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What you have to understand about tonight’s game featuring the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins is this — There are currently 90 men on both rosters. Aside from the established stars, that leaves only a very limited amount of roster spots available.

Almost 80 of the guys you see suited up tonight will NOT make the roster. Maybe some of them will be claimed off waivers. But for most of them, this is their one and only chance to get noticed, to put themselves in a prime position to change the rest of their life. And if they fail to make it, it’s back home.. to a mediocre job, a mediocre salary, and a crushed dream.

Preseason is more than just guys you never heard of. They’re the guys you work with, went to school with, hang out with at the local spot. They’re normal guys fighting for a chance to reach the ultimate stage of football.

Without the preseason, guys like James Harrison, Victor Cruz, and so many other undrafted stars of the NFL wouldn’t be seen today. Just think — if it were YOU trying to make an NFL roster, this game tonight is just as big as any Super Bowl. It’s possibly your only chance to make years of hard work and determination pay off.

So when you’re watching the game tonight and think it’s boring, that it doesn’t mean anything, realize what’s going on. These men will fight tonight. And if your team is lucky enough, a star will be made out of this.

Submitted by Manuel Avila Jr.

Really interesting take on preseason games. I’m not a big fan of Hard Knocks but I will say that is the one thing I’ve taken away from the episodes I’ve watched in the past, the fact that you are watching guys get their one shot at something they’ve dreamed about doing.

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