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Thanks to this week being a busy work week, what with out annual user conference being in Vegas this week, I wasn’t around to follow the Islanders and/or Jets games last night. I had to wait until I was finally free of social obligations to check the scores and realize that, despite all the expectations of the experts for this team, that the Islanders are a playoff team!

Honestly, I didn’t expect this to happen this season. Coming into the season I thought there were still too many question marks among to young prospects, and was beginning to wonder if a couple of them maybe needed to go. But they have proved their metal in this stretch run and shown me that they are definitely coming of age.

I don’t know what their first taste of playoff hockey will be like, but I’m going to enjoy it knowing that this team is only going to get better from here. Look out NHL, the Isles are back in the playoffs!

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