Great Day at the Ballpark

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When I first found out I was going to be traveling to Los Angeles, I thought to myself, wonder if the Dodgers are going to be home? Turns out, I was supposed to arrive in LA on Monday, but the Dodgers would be out of town, but if I picked up the tab to spend an extra day or two in LA, I could catch the game on Sunday afternoon against the Pirates.

Now, I’ve been a Dodger fan since I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn. There was always something about that historic tie to Brooklyn that I found sort of cool, and well the fact that some in my family hated the Dodgers just made it even cooler to root for them.

Anyway you look at it, going to Dodger Stadium, enjoing a beautiful Southern California afternoon, getting to hear Vin Scully welcome us to the game, eating a Dodger dog, and seeing the Dodgers win, made for a pretty fantastic day. Being present for Ryus first major league win, and seeing the Dodger offense put together 6 runs, were just extra bonuses really.

So glad I took the chance to go. Not that I’ve ever really sat down and made one, but this woul certainly be something I consider a bucket list item. I can check it off the list!

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