The Number is Two

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Yes, that was obviously the relevant number for me last night. I followed three games closely last night, the Islanders 4-2 loss to the Penguins, the Blue Jackets 4-2 loss to the Kings, and Ohio States 76-74 loss to Michigan.

Ohio State scored all of 2 points in the overtime period.

In all three cases, a failure to generate more than 2, mostly due to a failure to execute a good offense, meant a loss for the team I root for. For the Islanders, a sudden inability to do anything with powerplay chances put them behind and kept them there. For the Jackets, going 18 minutes of game time without even getting a shot on goal tells you everything you need to know, and for the Buckeyes, well as much as I love Aaron Craft’s hustle and defense, the end of that game was pathetic as he consistently drove into traffic and got his shot blocked instead of looking to drive and dish to an open shooter.

So my message to my teams this morning is, score more points!

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