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Blue Jackets get dumped in Phoenix

Here’s the question. The first two games of the season we saw a plucky, hard-working team, hang in there and get points. Last night, they get smacked pretty good, 5-1, by the Yotes. Steve Mason got his first start in this game. Is this a case of a team not working as hard in front of a goalie they don’t believe in, and who is prone to giving up soul-crushing goals, or is it simply a case of a team that isn’t very talented and has to outwork every team just to stay close, having no energy on their first trip out West? We will see as the season progresses, but I don’t expect to see Mason again for a little while.

Lakers lose again, Howard injured

Nothing has gone the way the Lakers planned this season, has it? I don’t even follow the NBA that closely, and I can’t help but see the media reveling in the Lakers struggle. Guess they don’t like it when a team tries to simply buy a championship team either. (Well, unless it’s your team, right?)

El Nino’s trade request

So Nino Niederreiter’s agent has requested the Isles trade his client after not inviting him to training camp? I get why he’s upset. He’s been great in the AHL this year, and probably expected to at least spend the week with the Isles, but they never even shuttled him to Long Island for training camp. On the other hand, he’s playing great in the AHL, which is where he should have spent last year instead of on the Island wasting away on the 4th line. I’m hopeful that after talking with Garth Snow, Nino understands that he is exactly where he should be this year, tearing it up, playing lots of minutes and gaining lots of confidence. With this example, of the example of Ryan Strome going back to juniors this year, maybe the Isles have finally reached a point where they aren’t rushing young talent and getting very mixed results, and understand the value of letting them find the proper level for their game as of right now. At least until they rush all these guys next year. 😉

Anything else important going on in sports?

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