Can’t Blame Ricky

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Did Rick Dipietro look a bit rusty? Sure he did, but that wasn’t unexpected, was it? Can’t really even blame the effort on a second of a back to back with travel in between. The fact is, the Bruins are just better. The Islanders hung in ere, and even got some of that secondary scoring, but Boston has the horses to shut down the top line and come up with scoring across all of their lines. That proved to be too much tonight.

It’s looking like Keith Aucoin was a nice little waiver wire pick up, as was Strait. I don’t even mind Finley so much either, but I do wonder why we haven’t seen Hickey yet? Seems like he was playing well at Manchester, and should be in game shape. I’m surprised the back to back didn’t give him the chance to make his debut. Lets just say its curious,

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