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It’s Official Everyone in the NCAA Cheats

army football photo

I mean really, when even the service academies are committing recruiting violations, haven’t we reached the point where it’s safe to say everyone cheats?

Army used booze, women to recruit

According to documents obtained by The Gazette, Army treated recruits to a party, dinner with female cadets, cash from boosters and VIP treatment on a party bus that included cheerleaders and a police escort in January.


Photo by West Point – The U.S. Military Academy

Thoughts on an Islanders Win

IMG_0073.JPGA few thoughts after looking over the stats from tonight’s Islanders 7-5 win over the Dallas Stars.

1. Scoring 7 goals on a night when John Tavares goes without a point? That secondary scoring problem that has dogged the team for the last couple of years might not be as big an issue this year. 32 goals in 8 games is a pretty good indication that this team can score.

2. Giving up 5 goals? Still some work to do on the defensive end. 27 goals against in 8 games? Yikes.

3. The Stars are a good team. Beating them does mean something, but they are not nearly as good when stating their backup goalie.

4. The early season injuries to Grabovski, Grabner, Bailey, Hamonic, etc. show that you can never have enough NHL level talent on hand. The fact that the Isles have withstood these injuries without having a lot of kids who obviously aren’t ready yet playing, is a sign that the depth level is probably the best it’s been in years!

Now let’s not test the depth any further, or have too many more scoreless JT nights, ok?

This Week’s Sports Links (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Gator Fail

Florida gators photo

Photo by bjmcdonald

Statistically speaking, Florida played a great game against Missouri tonight. They had 8 minutes more time of possession, ran 35 more plays, gained well over twice as many yards and were given 11 penalties against Missouri.

So how did they lose 42-13? A kickoff return and punt return for touchdowns and 6 turnovers will do that.

Honestly, Missouri couldn’t have played a worse game on offense than this, but Florida mistakes helped them to a 42-0 lead anyway.

I don’t even know how a team can make that many mistakes. You can blame the starting QB, Jeff Driskel for some of those turnovers, but he doesn’t cover kicks. This mess of bad football goes much deeper, and I know Gator fans seem willing to dump much of it on the head coach. Can’t really argue with them.

Can history repeat itself and the Gators find the perfect replacement the way they did after the Ron Zook era? If they do, does that mean Muschamp will be at Illinois next year? ;-)

Will Florida State Fans Protest During Gameday?

They appear to be trying to organize a silent protest during the ESPN Gameday show, apparently to protest the “unfair”, “hateful” coverage of their beloved Seminoles and Jameis Winston.

Aww, it’s so cute when fans are completely blind to the possibility that their team is dirty and blame the entire thing on the media. Yeah, the New York Times is investigating the possibility that the Tallahassee PD is corrupt, but that’s all Lee Corso’s fault. I’m sure you’ll show them…..

Politics and Sports: Serbia and Albania

Really, shouldn’t UEFA get together with the NBA and figure out how to rig the ping pong balls so that these two teams don’t wind up in the same qualifying group?

Serbia-Albania match abandoned after drone carrying Albanian flag sparks brawl

I mean they’re already playing the games with bans on any visiting fans, and still this happens. What’s next, playing the games in empty stadiums at undisclosed locations? How will the TV networks get their highlights? Won’t anyone think of the highlights??

Seriously though, I’m glad it looks like no one was seriously hurt and I hope they can find a way to get through a freaking soccer match without fighting!

Could the Cowboys Be For Real?

A win in Seattle certainly makes it seem like this team is real. The offensive line dominating, leading the way to a record setting running back and a passing game relying on big play wideouts and dependable tight end, is a combination that certainly seems familiar to Cowboy fans. Even the defense, which was terrible last year, has been surprisingly good this year. (Is Rolando McClain the pickup of the year or what??)

On the other hand, it’s October. We’ve been here before in October and November only to see December bring heartbreak. I think all Cowboy fans are pleasantly surprised, and excited, but waiting to see what happens late in the season. 5-1 is nice, but it could turn into 8-8 again, we all know that!

For this week though, going into Seattle, running the ball effectively against that defense, overcoming their own turnovers and getting key turnovers with the game on the line, against a team that simply doesn’t lose at home? I’d take that all day long!

How ’bout them Cowboys?

Photo from Flick user raybouk

Why the SEC Should Embrace My Playoff Plan

Jordan Hare StadiumI first introduced it last season, but as I watch the SEC devour itself this season, I can’t help but wonder if SEC fans would maybe, just maybe, like to think about the benefits of a playoff where the conference winners advanced to the playoffs regardless of record. strength of schedule and so on.

Mississippi State and Ole Miss may look like the darlings of the SEC West right now, but remember, not only do they still play each other, but State also has a date with Alabama coming, and Ole Miss has dates with Auburn and at LSU too. This race ain’t over, although frankly, there’s also a really good chance Auburn or Bama is going to get hung with a second loss too, before they play each other.  In the end, it’s not a real stretch to imagine that the winner of the West could end up a two loss team. And then we have to assume they actually win the championship game, which may be against another 2 or even 3 loss team from the East. Wouldn’t it be something if the SEC wound up with an upset champion, like Georgia, and had to go out and try to claim a spot in the final four with undefeated Florida State sitting out there, and undefeated Baylor, and one-loss Oregon, Michigan State and Notre Dame out there as well? Now, that’s probably not going to be the case, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing that whoever wins the SEC, they’ll advanced to the 10 team playoff, against the other conference champs? Suddenly the regular season clashes that are tremendously exciting already take on so much more meaning, and we can stop worrying about how the preseason polls got it all wrong, but made it easier for some teams to stay ranked highly, and so on.

SEC fans could watch the carnage taking place thanks to the wins being piled up by the state of Mississippi, without the fear that neither of those teams is going to make it out of the regular season with a record impressive enough for the final four. Like I said, I feel like that is probably how they are watching it now, but not evey season is going to be this season. Eventually, some conference is going to consume itself and wind up outside the final four. Let’s fix that now before it happens!