Link – Randy Gregory to face longer suspension after policy violation

Randy Gregory was already facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. That suspension is going to be longer.

The Cowboys took a lot of gambles trying to improve the defense last year, signing Greg Hardy, drafting Randy Gregory, hanging on to Rolando McClain, etc.

Those haven’t worked out well. We hope Gregory can benefit from treatment for his life, let alone his football career. But for Cowboys fans, these gambles are turning out to be increasingly difficult to accept.

It’s been more than twenty years since the Cowboys were in a Super Bowl.

Randy Gregory faces longer suspension after another abuse policy violation

Link – Report: Islanders ponder leaving Brooklyn, building arena near Mets

“Puck Daddy points out that the Islanders can opt out of their lease after the 2018-19 season, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a Queens-area building alongside the Mets stands as merely one of several rumored options.

There have already been a few:”

We’ll probably be hearing a lot of rumors. As long as one of them doesn’t include Quebec or other places outside of the New York Metro area, cool.

Report: Islanders ponder leaving Brooklyn, building arena near Mets

Link – NHL Rule Changes That Would Make Hockey Great Again

2015-11-12 18.36.26There are 22 rule changes listed in this article, so I’m not going to even pretend that more than a couple would ever be implemented. However, I definitely think a couple of them should be.

For example:

2) After an icing, the offending team can’t call timeout.

6) If a skater loses his helmet, he has to immediately leave the ice.

22) Shooting the puck over the glass in your own zone is no longer a penalty.

A couple of others probably won’t be implemented, but I think they would really help the game:

8) After an icing, you can’t put your goaltender back on the ice.

9) Overtime is 10 minutes of 4-on-4 and that’s it.

20) Goaltenders have to serve their own penalties.

Which of the 22 rule changes would you implement? Any that are missing?

Link – Antidoping officials want Russia banned from Olympics

One month after the International Association of Athletics Federations, track and field’s world governing body, made the unanimous decision to ban Russia’s track and field team from competing in the Olympics, a group of antidoping officials is aiming to bar the entire nation.

I can’t help but wonder if this will turn out to be a case of being careful what you wish for. If Russia gets a complete ban for doping, expect the same thing to happen to other countries in time, and I don’t think anyone can claim complete innocence on the doping front.

Link – Aaron Rodgers gives a scary account of concussion side effects during games

bykst / Pixabay

bykst / Pixabay

“In an appearance on “Any Given Wednesday” with Bill Simmons, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers talked about — among other things, like his desire to retire with the Packers — concussions. Rodgers said that the biggest issue facing the NFL in terms of keeping players safe these days is the players self-monitoring concussions because they always want to stay on the field.

As an example of this, Rodgers told the stories of the two concussions he suffered in his career. The first came in October of 2010 against the Redskins, while the second was in December of 2010 against the Lions.”

The way Rodgers describes the effects of these hits is downright scary. I’ve only ever had a mild concussion, one time, and while the immediate impact wasn’t that difficult to deal with (I kept playing), that night and the next day were a blur of headache pain.

I also didn’t get hit by a professional football player in the head, which is way, way more force than I encountered falling on my head. If what he describes is what happens out on the field, I can completely understand why some guys are retiring early.

Link – Ohio State’s Greg Schiano, UCLA’s Tom Bradley knew of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse while at Penn State

In the newly released testimony from ex-Penn State assistant Mike McQueary in 2015, separate from his key testimony in Sandusky’s criminal trial, it was revealed new Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano and UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley also knew about Sandusky’s transgressions while they were assistants at Penn State.

This is not good. If true, while I am unsure of what laws would have been in place at the time regarding mandatory reporting, both of them failed at being human beings.

Schiano has since denied knowing anything about abuse.


Dodger Old Timer’s Game July 2, 2016

Just a few photos taken during the Old Timer’s Day festivities prior to the Dodgers/Rockies game July 2.


Justin Turner gets some input from Dodger greats Lasorda, Steve Garvey and Tommy Davis.


Fernando Valenzuela has some fun with fans.


Nomar Garciaparra gives an interview during batting practice.


Pre-game Photo op!


Gray team starting lineup


The last introductions – Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda and 90 yeal-old Don Newcombe.


The lineups


Tommy goes out to remove Rick Honeycutt in favor of Dennis Howell


The 1981 Tri-MVPs of the World Series – Ron Cey, Steve Yeager and Pedro Guerrero.