Link – German city votes to reject hosting Olympics

This is interesting. I think, if there was a referendum in other places, we might see some similar results. It’s been clear from recent media stories about abandoned arenas and other structures once the Olympics are over, that the promised economic benefits of hosting the Olympics do not come to fruition. Why bother? Unless you already have the infrastructure in place, you’ll spend a lot more building it, and then watching it rot, than you’ll ever make.

German city votes to reject hosting Olympics

How The Travis Hamonic Situation Has Been Mishandled

cropped-IMG_0073.jpgAs we all know by now, Travis Hamonic approached the Islanders front office with a trade request before training camp even started. Due to a personal situation, he desires to be closer to his family in Winnipeg, and the Islanders have been trying to accommodate that wish.

Beyond the fact that someone leaked this information, likely Travis’ agent in order to push the Isles into a trade according to most rumors, I don’t really have a problem with Travis wanting to be closer to his family, or the Islanders trying to grant that wish. I spend a lot of my time traveling for my job and my wife and I currently live across the country from our families, so I know that isn’t always easy.

No, the problem I have is with the Islanders choices going back to training camp and so far this season.

The Islanders do not have the deepest corp of defensemen in the league. I think we can agree on that. With Thomas Hickey currently injured again, they’ve been running Brian Strait and Marek Zidlicky out there every night. That could be better. They cannot afford to lose Hamonic, which is why getting a trade done is likely going to be a while. They Islanders need equal value on defense, and where are they going to get that, and why would another team break up their defense pairings just to swap equal parts?

This is why I think the Isles could be more successful in getting equal value for Hamonic if they could trade him for a forward, but in order to do that, the Islanders need to have someone ready to step in to the lineup so that we aren’t stuck with Strait and Zidlicky for the entire season. When Hickey was unavailable to start the season, and Ryan Pulock was with the club, the Isles could have had him play a couple of games to see if he was ready, but they didn’t. He was sent back to Bridgeport without making a single appearance when Hickey came back. Four games later, when Hickey was injured again, Adam Pelech got the call. In that time, he’s played in two games, again not exactly a good sample size to see what he has to offer, and those games were 9 days apart.

The irksome thing to me is that Garth Snow and Jack Capuano knew in September that Travis wanted out. They’ve had myriad opportunities to play some of these guys and haven’t. I could guess that maybe that means what they have seen isn’t good enough to warrant them being in the lineup at all, which may be evidence of a larger problem with being able to develop young players, but that’s a subject for another post. Or we can guess that maybe the Isles thought this would never get out to the public, but that didn’t work out so well and still doesn’t explain the lack of playing time for younger guys.

So now they’re stuck. They need to trade Travis before this becomes a problem, and they also need a second pair defenseman in exchange for their current one. They may wind up having to deal Hamonic’s cap-friendly, long term contract for a pending free agent in order to accomplish that, and that would not be a good thing. If it comes down to that at the end of this season we may all be wishing there had been a trade for a forward instead.

What realistic trade scenario would you like to see Isles fans?



Link – Case Keenum Was Left In The Game After Suffering Obvious Concussion

bykst / Pixabay

bykst / Pixabay

“It’s pretty obscene and appalling that just about everyone watching at home could tell something was up after the play was over, but the people who are entrusted with handling the safety of these players stood idle and did nothing. There are certainly questions that need to be answered as to how that was allowed to happen.”

I’m in total agreement here. I didn’t see the play on Sunday, but I saw a replay yesterday and Case Keenum was out on his feet. That was plain to see to anyone watching, yet somehow was missed by the guy who’s job it is to watch for any signs of a concussed player.

As they say, “You only had one job”.

Case Keenum Was Left In The Game After Suffering Obvious Concussion


Link – Cocaine testing in NHL by end of season: Report

This seems like a good idea, given the arrest of Jarret Stoll and talk of somewhat common cocaine use in the NHL coming from some other places, let alone the information in the article about the current samples that were tested and seem to indicate a rising usage among players. Wonder when it’ll go into place and how much head’s up the players will wind up receiving prior to it being part of the test.

Cocaine testing in NHL by end of season: Report

Syracuse Latest School to Fire It’s Football Coach

That’s the news this morning and after 3-9 last season and 3-8 so far this year, it’s hard to argue with the decision. Syracuse football has become a complete after thought in the ACC, let alone nationally.

But, before I get too excited about a new coach as a Syracuse fan, I can’t help but notice that there are a lot of opening this year, already, and quite a few of them would, quite frankly, be a much more attractive place to coach than Syracuse is right now. Yes, there are some up and coming coaches out there, but do you really think the Cuse position compares to USC, South Carolina, Missouri, and the other Power 5 teams that will be looking for new coaches next year? Heck, I’d even put Illinois, Rutgers and Minnesota right above Syracuse in terms of attractive jobs, and probably have Iowa State right alongside Syracuse, let alone the possibility that some others could be let go after disappointing seasons at the end of the year.

That is a lot of open spots for a few “star” coaches. Not sure what Syracuse could do to make it more attractive to one of them, but let the speculation begin!



Why All Sports Should Have Relegation – The 76ers

DSC_0264Last night, the Philadelphia 76ers lost to drop their record to 0-14, inching ever closer to the worst start in NBA history.

Now, the idea of player drafts in the US has always been that teams pick in reverse order in the interest of competitive balance. Given the fact that the Sixers have had numerous lottery picks over the last few years, and are still awful, why should their ownership continue to be rewarded with high draft picks for this incompetence? Why shouldn’t a team that finishes dead last, and appears to make little effort to avoid that fate, be replaced by a lower tiered team who is actually trying to compete?

Imagine if Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid, and so on actually were property of other NBA teams instead of stuck in this mess? Or if Philadelphia had to either pay the same salaries while playing in a minor league, or figure out a way to sell them off to NBA teams? Wouldn’t that be a significantly more entertaining situation than the one Sixer fans currently find themselves in? Wouldn’t the lass of NBA revenue streams give Sixers management incentive to stop this mess and field a competitive team?

Seriously, why not do this for any league? I know it would change a lot, and require us to rethink the way leagues work in the US, but it would make things so much more interesting, watching owners risk losing their revenue streams and have to compete to get them back, and dealing with wide-open free agency of players being relegated?

Most of all, making billionaire owners responsible for the on field competitiveness of their team! I’m for that.

Link – Ezekiel Elliott ‘Ether’s Ohio State playcalling after MSU loss, basically declares for the NFL Draft

The RampOne, he’s not saying anything Ohio State fans aren’t saying. And, he’s not wrong.

Two, it’s tough to have a kid; and really let’s remember that college football players, for all the glamour, money, and prestige involved in big-time college athletics, mostly aren’t even old enough to drink; dealing with the media immediately following an emotional loss like that.

Three, still, it’s not exactly a good look when it comes to getting drafted next season. NFL coaches might be hard-pressed to play someone willing to publicly air their grievances with coaching. I mean you and I can do it on Twitter, but having a player do it is another thing.

Four, did anyone expect him to come back next year? Can we really be surprised that he’d leave, along with a bunch of other juniors now that there’s basically no hope of being two-time defending champs?

Ezekiel Elliott ‘Ether’s Ohio State playcalling after MSU loss, basically declares for the NFL Draft