Cardale Jones Not Entering The NFL Draft, Should He?

First off, how freaking amazing is it that a guy who no one had even heard of on Thanksgiving, is holding a press conference to announce not entering the draft on Jan. 15 and everyone having an opinion about it?

That being said, after 3 games of an NCAA career, should Jones go pro?

The case against it is obvious. He’s not ready to play in the NFL, he needs to develop, and it will take serious time to do that. It will be hard to do that in the league, and he would obviously benefit from more playing time.

On the other hand, every other option is just as risky. Going back to OSU? He might not get any playing time there either, and even if he does, it might not go as well as the last three games have. Transfer to another school? Sit out a year and have the world forget about you?

See the problem here for Cardale? Every option has serious risks.

Of course, only one of those risky options includes Cardale getting paid. Could we really blame a guy for “striking while the iron is hot” and trying to cash in on his moment? I don’t see how we could.

How nice would it be if there was a minor league for the NFL where he could get paid, and develop by playing in actual games? A pipe dream, I know.

Obviously, based on what he said though, he chose the one option that wasn’t as risky. At the end of the day, he’s a hero in Columbus, always will be, and finishing his education will go a long way toward making sure he has a bright future, even if it’s not in the NFL. He’s come a long way from the kid who “Didn’t come here to play school”. That’s impressive in and of itself.

Good luck Cardale!

Refs Are Human Beings Too

‘Fail Mary’ official fighting depression

Former NFL replacement official Lance Easley says he continues to struggle with illnesses — battling depression and post-traumatic stress disorder — since making the infamous “Fail Mary” call in 2012.

The 55-year-old Easley, in a series of interviews with Yahoo! Sports, said he has been plagued by panic attacks, depression and even suicidal thoughts over the past year.

Do we really want to be a society that drives someone to suffer the same symptoms as a soldier returning from war, over a questionable call in a football game? Really??

Ohio State Is Your National Champ, but Speaking of Repeating


It is hard to imagine that Ohio State could win the National Championship with a young team, on it’s third string quarterback, making 4 turnovers against Oregon is the title game. But they did.

Naturally, many are pointing to the youth of this team, being led by a lot of sophomores and wondering about a repeat. I say we should remember our history.

Once upon a time, there was a national champion team in Columbus, a team led by a surprising sophomore class, who were the heavy favorites going into the next season. That was 1969. They rolled through the season but found themselves in the losing end of The Game to Michigan and their first year head coach.

The next 10 years have been described as the bitterest rivalry in college sports. Bo and Woody, meet Urban and Harbaugh…….

Storming the Court in Corvallis

What a game to pick for our first outing to Gill Coliseum to see the Oregon State men’s basketball team. The undermanned, young, Beavers pulled out some old-school Big East or Big Ten style defense and came up some big shot down the stretch to be the 7th ranked Wildcats.

Frankly, I’m stunned. Going into the season the Beavers have been picked to finish dead last in the Pac 12, even new coach Wayne Tinkle admitted that this season would be a work in progress, and yet here they are with a 10-0 record at home and a win over a top ten team.

They do it by contesting everything. Every pass, shot, rebound, etc. you earn every point you get on them, and with college basketball being what it is, that’ll keep you in it most of time.

That and the home court advantage tiny Gill gives them. Seriously, the attendance tonight was just over 6,000 and my ears were ringing when we left, it got loud at he end of the game in the old barn.

I think even Gary Payton had to enjoy watching his kid play in this one. You really can’t miss the Glove at the games, he’s right there court side when he’s not doing TV interviews or saying hello to the kids who came it at halftime. I wonder how much that helps with recruiting?

Congrats Beavers, great game and really, an easy team to root for!

The NFL, Where a Catch is not a Catch

I’m sure everyone has even the Dez Bryant non-catch on fourth down by now. As a Cowboy fan familiar with this so-called Calvin Johnson Rule, I am willing to admit that it was the right call based on that.

On the other hand, NFL, this is perhaps the stupidest of many stupid rules you have. Consider, if you will:

A player on a rushing play carrying the ball is considered down, and the play over, when their knee or forearm hits the ground.

Similarly, a player rushing toward the end zone, it’s a touchdown and the play is over, when he ball crosses the plane of the goal line.

On a passing play, a receiver who catches the ball and takes two steps, then is hit by a defender and drops the ball, has fumbled.

Against all of that logic, a player who catches the ball, takes three steps as he’s falling to the ground, where his knee hits the ground first, and then bobbles the ball when his arm hits the ground, has not completed a pass?

How the hell does that makes any sense?

That being said, the Cowboys had a surprisingly great year and I’m proud of them. Let’s see how things develop in the offseason with Dez and Demarco.

Sports News I’m Reading (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Sports News I’m Reading (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

SEC Speed

SEC speed has been the descriptive term given to football programs that are just plain fast. Not programs that have a few fast backs and receivers, but teams that have speed all the way through the lineup, most notably along the defensive front.

I’ve always felt like calling it SEC speed was a bit of a misnomer, since it really started with Florida State and Miami, two non-SEC schools, but it was definitely a regional thing. That was one of the the things that has made the SEC along with Miami and FSU, so successful over the years. This week, I think, has proven that the concept has shifted. I first tweeted about it during the TCU demolition of Ole Miss.

I then went on to notice similar speed on defense watching Oregon dismantle Florida State and Ohio State go toe to toe, speed wise, with Alabama. It’s no longer just the teams in the SouthEast that have speed all over the field, other programs have caught up.

And really, that’s what this bowl season has taught us. The SEC is still full of talented football teams, but those teams are no longer all that different from other programs around the country. Yes, the college football media overestimated how good those teams were, shown by the woeful 2-5 record of the SEC West division teams in bowl games. The narrative of SEC dominance has been too good for them to come off that bandwagon, but the fact that our first playoff resulted in a final pitting Oregon and Ohio State, shows just how much the rest of the country has caught up to SEC speed.

By the way, speaking of that match up, how weird is it that the very first playoff results in the same match up that the very first NCAA Men’s basketball championship had as it’s final in 1939? Oregon won that one, 46-33 over Ohio State. I have a feeling the first ever football playoff championship at this level will end up with more points.

JJ Watt is the Best Player in the NFL, but not the MVP

jj watt photo

There’s been a push for JJ Watt to named the MVP this season, and after the season he’s had you’re not going to get any argument from me that he’s not a great football player, maybe even the best player in the entire league this year.

But he’s not the MVP. In fact, they should just go ahead and change the awards around and call the MVP award the “best quarterback” award. Here’s the thing, in 2014 teams in the league are absolutely, 100%, dependent on quality quarterback play, and the rest is less important. Not completely unimportant, but significantly less.

Just look at the “elite” quarterbacks in the league. Who are the top seeds going into the playoffs? Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Wilson. That is not a coincidence. Look at the teams with the top draft picks? Who played QB for them this year? Again, not a coincidence.

Look at all the teams not in the playoffs, including the Texans. How many of them can honestly say that they had fantastic QB play, but other areas kept them out of the playoffs? Even the Saints, who have one of the best in Drew Brees, did not get a very good season from Brees. Teams that got solid, sometimes spectacular, QB play are at the top of the standings, teams who’s QB’s turned the ball over, or were very inconsistent, are not.

For another example, just look at Arizona. When they were getting decent QB play, they combined that with a great defense to jump out to a great record. Since going to their third stringer, the defense isn’t enough to get them in the win column, and they are a pretty big underdog to Carolina, of all teams! Because no one trusts their quarterback.

The bottom line is that the most important driving factor for every team, for better or worse, is the play of their quarterback. How then, could someone playing another position be the league’s Most Valuable Player?

Now if JJ starts playing QB for the Texans on top of everything else, we can talk.

Photo by The Brit_2