Reading – You Aren’t Good Enough to Win Money Playing Daily Fantasy Football

“Nobody wants to be a fantasy football fish.

DraftKings and FanDuel are testing new ways to make less successful players feel comfortable and enhance the impression that games are fair and winnable. For the massive tournaments whose prizes regularly top $1 million, both websites now limit the number of entries from a single player. FanDuel put a cap of about 1,000 entries on big football tournaments this year. For DraftKings’s “Millionaire Maker” tournament, players are limited to 500 entries at the $10 level.

These limits seem almost laughably nonrestrictive until you understand how top players operate. Analysis from Rotogrinders conducted for Bloomberg shows that the top 100 ranked players enter 330 winning lineups per day, and the top 10 players combine to win an average of 873 times daily. The remaining field of approximately 20,000 players tracked by Rotogrinders wins just 13 times per day, on average.”

Wait, you mean when there’s significant money involved, professional sharks will get involved? Shocking, not!

You Aren’t Good Enough to Win Money Playing Daily Fantasy Football

Reading – The NHL’s war against female fans, and the media’s complicity in it

I don’t know that it’s an active war, but the NHL sure can act pretty clueless.

While Voynov was properly suspended after his arrest, the Kings and the league spending so much time focused on the salary cap ramifications and then breaking league rules just to let him skate in practice was tone deaf, to say the least.

With Kane, I don’t know what the correct thing to do is. He hasn’t been charged with anything. So do you keep him away from his livelihood? I don’t see that until he is charged with something, but having a press conference was crazy, and frankly the fans who cheered him like he was returning from injury or overcoming some other challenge should be embarrassed. I’m embarrassed by them as a hockey fan.

The NHL’s war against female fans, and the media’s complicity in it

Reading – Why the NFL Has a Quarterback Crisis

jp26jp / Pixabay

jp26jp / Pixabay

“In the last decade, many college football teams have embraced a form of offense that runs at a furious tempo with no breaks for huddles, the goal being to grind down and exhaust the defense. Teams that play this way don’t bother trying to fool their opponents with complex schemes and trickery, they just bull forward as fast as they can. College defenses have been forced to adapt to this “hurry-up” mode by simplifying their fronts and coverage packages to help the players keep pace. The learning curve, at the NFL level, NFL people say, is so massive that it’s hard to overcome for all but the best college quarterbacks.The trouble with this trend, NFL experts say, is that many of the players coming from the college ranks have spent their entire careers playing in this high-throttle system, which is completely different from the slower, deliberate and more complex nature of the NFL. When they come to the NFL, it’s as if they’re being told to stop playing speed checkers and start playing chess. And the NFL, which doesn’t have a minor league of its own, has no influence over college coaches. “They don’t coach anything,” said Rex Ryan, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, when discussing college defenses. “

When will the NFL adjust by developing a minor league, and competing with the NCAA directly? Forget draft age limits, and everything else that is wrong with the NCAA, and just start a minor league, where you can teach reading defenses!

Why the NFL Has a Quarterback Crisis

So Your Team Started 0-2 Is It Time to Panic?

NFLWell yes, in the National Football League, it’s always time to panic!

You’ve all seen the numbers, the low percentage of teams who start the season 0-2 who actually make the playoffs. But, it does happen. So what are the chances your currently 0-2 team could still make the playoffs?

The “aren’t that bad” group:

Seattle, Baltimore, Detroit.

Seattle is a good team, who happens to have opened the season with two tough road games. They’ll be fine, and should manage to get into playoff contention.

Baltimore has one loss where the offense was terrible, and one where the defense was terrible. There’s hope that they’ll get it together once the shock of losing Suggs for the season wears off, but it needs to happen now. There division doesn’t allow for too much of a whole with solid Steeler and Bengal teams.

Detroit isn’t as bad as they seem, but they definitely have problems, and it’s going to be tough for them to dig out of the 0-2 hole. Not impossible, but difficult. They aren’t a hopeless team though.

The “they are that bad, but it might not matter” group:

Philly, NY Giants, Indianapolis*.

Philly and the Giants have been awful, and their fans should be worried that they might be awful all season long, but with their division competition being Washington and Dallas, who has to go with Brandon Weedon starting half the season, this division is still wide open.
The “they are that bad, maybe, but we just can’t seem to admit it” group:
New Oreleans – Forget Manning, is Drew Brees aging right before our eyes? There are still a lot of tools in the shed in New Orleans, but it is not working, and it’s confounding.
The “yeah, they aren’t good” group:
Houston, Chicago
There’s nothing there for either of these teams that would lead me to believe they will be anything but awful. They are 0-2 when even teams like the Raiders and Browns, who we assumed would be awful this season, have a win. Start scouting the NCAA games fans. A QB would go a long way toward helping things, but lacking a fix there, this season is going to be painful. Houston’s defense, frankly, deserves better.

On the other hand, there is the outside possibility that Indy and Houston could wind up switching places in these groups. Someone has to win that division, after all!




Reading – 87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for CTE According to PBS Report

bykst / Pixabay

96% of NFL players studied post mortem had CTE, 79% of people who played football at any level tested as having it as well.

This is bad for football. Those kinds of percentages really shouldn’t be ignored, though some will point out that only people who agreed to have their brains studied after their death were part of the study, which would skew towards players who were already experiencing symptoms. That is true, but the numbers really seem to indicate that it’s not rare anyway you look at it.

87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for CTE According to PBS Report

Reading – NFL injuries: Teams know how to get players back on field

hypodermic needle IMG_7418

“See, there’s a thing in the NFL called an “injury settlement,” whereby if a player gets injured during the preseason, and the team wants to get rid of that player, they have to cover his medical costs and salary for the weeks he’s predicted to be injured in a one-time payout. This amount can be in the thousands, if not the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and, well, NFL teams don’t like parting with their money.
So what happens when a player gets injured in the preseason, especially if he’s just there to be a training camp body, is the coaching staff starts leaning on him. They know he isn’t going to make the team, but they tell him he has a chance. They tell him that he needs to get out on the field, needs to put the pain aside, so he can give himself the best odds of succeeding. They tell him that it’s vitally important to suit up, since they only have a limited amount of reps to judge players on, and no one makes the team from the training room.

Then they have that player sign an innocuous looking piece of paper, generally in the training room, that declares the player agrees he is fit to play in an NFL football game, and releases the team from all liability.”

The thing is, as cold blooded as it sounds when Chris Kluwe actually writes out the details, are any fans actually surprised? Do we even care? Of course not, NFL players aren’t real people, and even if they are they are living the dream, getting paid to play a game. But it’s not a game so much when you’re left broke and broken, is it?

NFL injuries: Teams know how to get players back on field – The Cauldron –

Reading – Adrian Peterson’s sanitized NFL return was embarrassing


“On Monday, they failed again; to consume ESPN’s coverage over those few hours was to feel intermittently insane. It was almost real life, but not exactly. In real life, Adrian Peterson pled no-contest to child abuse, and child abuse is a particularly upsetting, stigma-carrying crime to commit, and probably something you should acknowledge in a meaningful way, even if it’s once.
In the Monday Night Uncanny Valley, everyone is excited to watch him play football again, and why he wasn’t playing is secondary, or tertiary, or quaternary, or quinary. Do you want to hear the truth, or do you want to see me shed some tacklers?”

I watched the game Monday night for two reasons. I had no rooting interest for either team, nor any fantasy football reason to watch, but I wanted to see former Buckeye Carlos Hyde, and see how ESPN handled Adrian Peterson. As soon as I realized that Chris Berman was calling the game I should have known the answer to the latter. Has he ever made a single comment that would make the NFL look bad? He has to be the media’s biggest NFL apologist, and as such he really can’t be taken seriously when he does talk about an issue like this, not that he actually did talk about it!

Look, Peterson sat out his suspension, and has gone through the court system. He, like any other person, deserves to be able to go back to make a living however he chooses after paying for his crime, and I hope what he says about learning to be a better father is true. But can we not talk about his return as if he were returning from injury? In fact, can we not compare his return to the Vikings to Navorro Bowman’s return for the 49ers? One guy sat a year after tearing two ligaments in his knee, the other as punishment for beating his kid. Those are not comparable.

Adrian Peterson’s sanitized NFL return was embarrassing